Coloring Book Quilt


Dear Helen, 

Your coloring book inspired us to create a quilt to tell the story, just as you did, reflecting on your life living in Woodinville. Thank you everyone who made block, helped assemble and quilt this beautiful quilt.  A special thanks to Julie Forrest who helped take on the quilt project and see it through to completion.

The Coloring Book Quilt will be on display for one year, then donated to the Woodinville Heritage Society and Lucy De Young for bringing us a new museum for our community enjoyment.   Thank you Woodinville Heritage Society, The DeYoung Museum and Helen McMahon.  You’ve shown us new ways to appreciate our rich heritage.  This quilt is a pictorial piece of Woodinville’s history entirely inspired by the pages in your coloring book.                                                                                       Respectfully,  Susan



 “The Woodinville area has a colorful past and a promising future.  I have put together some drawings to help tell this story.”         Helen



Now in her early 90’s, Helen remembers how things were and has made drawing of early Woodinville that has resulted in this wonderful coloring book. 

The Woodinville Heritage Society.


Inspiration.  Where do you get it?  We’ve found it in this coloring book and now, a lovely quilt to tell the story of Woodinville.  Thank you to the many wonderful quilters in our community that rose to the challenge of creating a quilt block for the Coloring Book Quilt.   Mary Kreider for making the fisherman and the Fire Department.  I know Mary loved those blocks and they are perfect in the quilt.  Mary made that fisherman just right as she knows him.  The Fire Department just had to be there, says Mary.  Pam Seaberg made the Four Corner Batik Flowers.  Pam loves gardening and quilting.  She used to work at Molbak’s, but spends time now quilting, riding and taking care of her mother.  Pam is a rising star with two Hoffman Challenge quilts and her first one in APWQ this summer.  Congratulations Pam on your recognitions, keep up the good work.  Marianne Gertula made the Bear and the Canoe.  Marianne’s work is spectacular.  She’s an accomplished landscape quilter and fantastic artist.  She knows the area well and the animals.  These blocks are an essential part of the story. 

Many local quilters came to the making of the quilt.  Bee Doll Shephard made the Slough with the kids on the bike.  We love the slough and the recreation it provides today.  Tina Sutherland made the cows.  Love those cows Tina.  Liz O’Neil made the Hot Air Balloons, another perfect block representing our area.  Jeanne and Carla Hoggarth made the Bronze Marker and the Cedar Logs.  A family of quilter’s making blocks so meaningful to this quilt.  Jean Ferries so beautifully created the Memorial Meade.  It’s a tribute block.  Sandy Skeel loved the Cedar Logs.  Sandy’s Dad owned Plywood Supply in Kenmore and she really wanted to do this block.  The block is proud to be in the quilt, honoring her father.  Marlene and Jeanette Schurr, the sisters, made the Hollywood Schoolhouse and Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery blocks.  These lovely architectural blocks are fantastic and teach us a lot about proper scale and dimension.  Thank you ladies.  Your work here is so spectacular. 

A special thanks to Julie Forrest for taking on this quilt with us and seeing it through to completion.  It was the ultimate challenge for Julie and she did a fantastic job of putting these blocks all together into a setting so pleasing to the quilt.  Now you can see the story unfold in quilt blocks.  Laurie Gustafson did the fantastic machine quilting and we thank her for her wonderful contribution.  

The quilt will travel on display for one year throughout Woodinville until it is ultimately donated to the Woodinville Heritage Society who now proudly resides in the recently landmarked property, The DeYoung Museum in Woodinville.  The museum opened publicly this summer and now will be a permanent place for Woodinville’s historical treasures.  What an honor to see the Woodinville Heritage Society grow, prosper and dedicate themselves to preservation.  As Helen say’s, “Woodinville has a colorful past and promising future.” We are living it all together, each of us making contributions to our place and time. 

Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop is a proud sponsor of this community effort.  Our mission remains to support the culture of quilt making and textile arts...this quilt is demonstration of community pride and appreciation of a woman’s talent, her contributions and affection for her township and friends.  Thank you Helen McMahon and everyone mentioned on this page for sharing your love of coloring and quilting with us.  A reception for Helen at the shop is planned for this fall.  Please see our website for more information about date and time. 

Thank you.

Susan Webster

Staff photo/June Collins-McKiernan The Coloring Book Quilt
Woodinville Weekely, October 4, 2011
Helen passed away peacefully in 2014.