Ten Years of Saturday Samplers

  1. An American Sampler by Tina Curtis, 2003. 
  2. Underground Railroad by Eleanor Burns, 2004
  3. At Piece with Time by Kristin Steiner and Diane Frankenberger,  2005
  4. Biblical Quilts by Martingale & Co. 2006
  5. Better By the Dozen by Sue Dismore, 2007
  6. Stars Around the Garden by Bits N Pieces, 2008
  7. Victory Quilts by Eleanor Burns, 2009
  8. My Secret Garden by Cindy Lammon,  2010
  9. Lavender Hill Farm by Eleanor Burns and Judy Knoechel, 2011
  10. My Grandmother's Samper Quilt, An Amish Style Sampler, by Lori Smith, 2012.
Thank you to one quilter I know who has done them all.  Please write to me if you have and what was your favorite and what was your least favorite.  We've had fun with all of them.  Thanks to all the piecers who have made them.  Thanks for all your visits to the quilt shop and for keeping us up on our cutting.  Our ten year pin goes to:  Judy Bartelheimer of Snohomish.  Congratulations Judy. 

#8 My Secret Garden

by Cindy Lammon from her book Gathered from the Garden.